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November 6, 2012
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The Comedy Hall stage – in picture(s)

Thanks to Dan Ellis for tweeting minutes before our November 5th show, saying he “can’t wait”. The evidence is shown below. He added, the morning after,:  It was a fantastic night thanks, will def be coming again! Glad u liked the photie!! 🙂 #Goodtimes Other twitter comment included: Funkelgump: broken ribs and #comedyhall are not a good combination! @deeringrob was brilliant again! Mrbensemporium: Thanks for another great evening of comedy. Rob Deering was brilliant and his Marvel tshirt was pretty cool too! Atbestpete: MidDvn FSB AGM followed by @comedysteve tickets featuring @DeeringRob. Good night and will come again. Mrnickjenkin: Good to see . . .